New Boiler Installation in Harrogate, Wakefield and the Surrounding Areas | Annual Servicing and Repairs

Do you need to install a new boiler in your property? Or is your existing appliance due for its annual servicing? Whatever your boiler-related needs, PBS Construction is here to help. We have a Gas Safe-registered professional working alongside our building contractors as part of an in-house team. As such, we can provide standalone boiler services or integrate them into larger projects, such as house extensions or garage conversions. By combining multiple services, we can help to keep your project costs as low as possible.

We cover clients in Wakefield, Harrogate, Leeds and Bradford. Our company undertakes new boiler installations, annual appliance servicing and a full range of repairs throughout West Yorkshire. With various plumbing services available, we can accommodate any need. This includes everything from upgrading to a different type of boiler to relocating your appliance, if feasible. You can learn more about our work on our new boiler installation blog and by reading our testimonials.


Meeting All Your Boiler Requirements

We meet all of our customers' boiler requirements. The popular services we provide include:

  • New Boiler Installations

  • Boiler Servicing

  • Boiler Repairs

New Boiler Installations

Much like every other appliance in your house, your boiler has a finite lifecycle. Over the years, it has become steadily less reliable and efficient. It’s important, then, to recognise when upgrading becomes a more cost-effective solution than another round of repairs.

Of course, it’s always tempting to spend whatever it takes to keep your boiler operational for another year. While this may seem logical, it doesn’t necessarily make sense financially.

If you’ve had your boiler between 10 and 15 years, and it requires seemingly endless repairs, you will need to replace it soon, regardless. As such, it’s often better to bite the bullet and invest in a new model.

First, you can put the money you would have spent on repairs toward your new appliance. Second, all new boiler installations, by law, are condensing models with large heat exchangers. This feature allows them to recover more heat and pass cooler gases up the flue, providing all-around greater efficiency.

An efficient boiler costs less to run than one nearing the end of its lifecycle. Put simply, it doesn’t need to work so hard to provide the heat you need. Heating alone accounts for approximately 55% of the average UK household’s yearly energy costs, so it’s clear to see how a new boiler could make an immediate and long-lasting impact.

To ensure the perfect solution for your needs, we take the time to understand how your household uses central heating and consumes water. If you’re extending your Wakefield, Harrogate or West Yorkshire-area home or converting your loft or garage, we also assess if your current boiler can handle the additional demands of an extra room.

PBS Construction supplies market-leading boilers for new installations, including those from Viessmann. Please call us to talk over your needs and schedule a home visit from a member of our team.

Boiler Servicing and Repairs

In an average year, 18% of households in the UK suffer a boiler breakdown. This results in no access to hot water, ruling out baths and showers. In the colder months, your home’s internal temperature will drop to uncomfortable levels.

The most effective way to avoid such a scenario is through proactive boiler maintenance and repairs. Annual servicing helps you to stay ahead of small issues, fixing them before they develop into larger problems.

Having paid for a new boiler installation, you want to maximise the number of years’ service you get from it. Regular checks and small fixes play a key role in lengthening your appliance’s lifespan. In addition, they also optimise efficiency, safety and performance.

As such, you’re not only far less likely to experience a boiler breakdown, but you get an impressive return on your initial investment while minimising energy bills, too.

PBS Construction advises all our customers in Wakefield, Harrogate and across West Yorkshire to schedule boiler servicing during the summer. Any subsequent disruption will have minimal impact, and we can perform the necessary repairs while the weather is still warm.

Call 07887 726777 or 01924 626923 to schedule your own new boiler installation, or annual servicing and subsequent repairs, in Wakefield or the surrounding areas.
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