Building Contractor in Wakefield | The Importance of Hiring a Company with Proven Experience

Are you searching for a house extension builder in the Wakefield or Harrogate area? Or are you looking into options for garage conversions? No matter the type or size of the project you want to undertake at your home, you must choose a building contractor with proven experience. This applies to expertise in the specific building services you want to carry out, not just years in the industry. Your upcoming job represents a large investment. It will temporarily turn part of your property into a building site, and the results will permanently change the way you see and use your home – not to mention its market value.

At PBS Construction West Yorkshire Ltd, we specialise in a wide range of building and plumbing services. Our skillset covers refurbishing, extending, converting and generally improving homes of every kind in West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas we cover.

Most importantly, we’re experienced. Our company has a proud trading history stretching back to our establishment in 1986. In addition, our workforce shares more than 50 years in the trade.

But why is this key to the success of your project? In this blog, we explain how.

Why Choose an Experienced Building Contractor?

There are numerous reasons to choose experienced building contractors, including:

Stay On Track

Every project, be it in Wakefield, Harrogate or any other location, has a schedule of work tied to a set deadline. While smaller projects have more flexibility in this regard, larger jobs like house extensions or barn, loft and garage conversions must stay on schedule.

Put simply, the larger your project, the more labour, materials and organisation it requires. An inability to anticipate and then resolve unforeseen issues can cause delays. In turn, this disrupts the building and plumbing services to come. This domino effect can have such an impact that work at your site falls behind schedule. An inexperienced contractor may then rush to catch up, causing a dangerous drop in standards.

With a wide-ranging portfolio of completed work, our conversion and house extension builders can demonstrate an ability to deliver jobs on time and to exceptional standards of workmanship.

Finish Within Budget

As well as a deadline, your job will also have a maximum budget. Like any reputable building contractor, we advise having a contingency in place for a worst-case scenario. Circumstances and plans can change from one day to the next, so having some extra money to fall back on will give you added peace of mind.

However, the more experienced your builders are, the more likely they are to complete work at your Wakefield site within your stated budget. A key aspect of achieving this comes in the planning and organisation.

By drawing up a realistic schedule of works, sourcing appropriate materials, working with reputable suppliers, and effectively managing labour and deliveries, we minimise the chances of costly delays and, by extension, overspending.

Compliance With the Building Regulations

The building and plumbing services we undertake for garage conversions must comply with the relevant building regulations. The same applies to the structural additions we deliver as house extension builders.

As a building contractor backed by decades of knowledge, producing compliant workmanship in Wakefield, Harrogate, and the surrounding areas comes as second nature.

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