House Extension Builder in Wakefield | Why Extend Your Current Home?

Do you feel like you’ve finally run out of practical storage and living space in your Wakefield, Harrogate or West Yorkshire home? There is only so much semi-regular clear-outs of junk and unwanted possessions can achieve. Sooner or later, you will reach a fork in the road where you need to make a decision: create more space with an extension or move to a bigger house. Anyone facing this situation has an entirely unique set of personal circumstances on which to base their decision.

At PBS Construction West Yorkshire Ltd, we are a locally trusted building contractor covering a wide range of construction and plumbing services. However, we also hold a stellar reputation as a specialist house extension builder, which you can learn more about by reading our testimonials.

With our expertise in this vital service, we have dedicated this blog to highlighting some of the many reasons you should improve, not move.

Reasons to Call In Our House Extension Builders

Stay Where You’re Happy

Are you settled in your current neighbourhood and can’t imagine living anywhere else? Have you built strong friendships and community bonds over the years that you don’t want to break by moving to a different location?

Multiple aspects come together to create a great quality of life, but happiness in your Wakefield or Harrogate home and community is one of the most important. Put simply, an extension completed by our building contractors allows you to stay where you’re happiest.

No Wasted Costs

A recent study revealed that the average house move costs just under £12,000. This covers essentially “wasted” expenses, such as stamp duty, legal fees, removal company costs and packing supplies. Naturally, if you’re 100% committed to a move, you will be happy to absorb these costs. But if you’re on the fence, they can be off-putting.

Of course, hiring our house extension builders comes with upfront expenditure. But, like any other building or plumbing services that improve your property, this money stays locked up in the value of your home. Extensions aren’t just an effective way to create more space, they’re also fantastic long-term investments that you can benefit from in the future if you ever decide to sell.

Less Stress and Upheaval

If you’ve ever been through a full house move, you won’t need us to confirm that it’s among the most stressful things you can do. Concerns seem to flow in all directions, be it your own sale or the purchase you’re trying to make. All the while, you’re working as normal, trying to avoid thoughts that everything might just fall through.

When you hire our building contractors to extend your Wakefield or Harrogate home instead, you avoid all this. There’s also far less upheaval, like changing your children’s school, if applicable, facing a different, less convenient commute, and moving away from friends and family.

In comparison, having our house extension builders onsite for a few months will feel like an absolute breeze. Even more so when you consider that we carry out the relevant building and plumbing services with the utmost care and respect for your home.

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