Plumbing Services in Wakefield | The Benefits Associated with Our Work

Are you looking for a building contractor that provides plumbing services along with those for construction? Or do you need standalone work to improve your property, such as a new boiler installation? At PBS Construction West Yorkshire Ltd, we’re just as adept with plumbing systems as we are building work. This has the immediate benefit of offering you a comprehensive, fully in-house solution for large-scale projects like house extensions and loft conversions. Because we cover all building and plumbing requirements, we can manage projects in Wakefield, Harrogate and the surrounding areas we cover from start to finish.

This approach is highly efficient and more cost-effective than sourcing multiple contractors. It also upholds consistent quality standards across all phases of work.

However, this only scratches the surface of the many other advantages that come with our plumbing expertise. In this blog, we look at how else we can be of benefit.

How Our Plumbing Services Benefit You

Central Heating System Upgrade

The scope of the benefits of a central heating system upgrade depends on the type of system currently installed at your Wakefield, Harrogate or West Yorkshire home and its age. Regardless of the system type, if it’s especially old, it’s likely outdated and inefficient. Central heating technology has advanced significantly in recent years, so any kind of upgrade will make a noticeable difference.

To start with, you’ll have more control. For example, you can heat individual rooms as and when needed. With similar leaps in smartphone technology, you can also make these adjustments from your sofa, car or workplace.

If you want our plumbing and building contractors to replace a warm air system with radiators, this can also benefit your health. When a system forcibly circulates air, it often stirs up dust and allergens, something that doesn’t happen with radiators.

New Boiler Installation

Replacing an old gas boiler with a new condensing model delivers an array of benefits. However, the list below is by no means exhaustive. To find out how else a new boiler, or any of our other plumbing services, can benefit your Wakefield home, call us on 07887 726777 or 01924 626923 to schedule a home visit.

Dream Bathroom and Kitchen

While every room in your house has its own merits, the kitchen and bathroom hold a certain unique appeal. If you’ve bought, sold or rented a home, you will know just how highly people value these spaces.

As both a building contractor and a specialist in plumbing services, we cover all the work needed to create an attractive, highly functional room tailored to your personal tastes and requirements. This can include practical upgrades like a new boiler installation.

From traditional designs to contemporary styles, there’s no concept we can’t deliver. By upgrading these two rooms in your Wakefield, Harrogate or West Yorkshire home, you pave the way for an improvement in your family’s quality of life.

Call 07887 726777 or 01924 626923 to discuss our plumbing services in more detail. We cover Wakefield and all surrounding locations.
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